Club Net


Join us for our regular Wednesday evening Club Net on 145.375MHz FM. Starting at 8pm.

On the Wednesday evenings that aren’t a club meeting, there is a net on the ‘club frequency’ of 145.375 MHz (FM). Please feel free to call in and join in the chat, even if you aren’t a member.  All welcome.

Additionally, there is also an informal net on MB7IBK, 144.9625 (118.8Hz CTCSS on both TX/RX) and via DMR, TG23529 on the Brandmeister network at 19:40.


19:40   RF/DMR Mixed Net via MB7IBK (144.9625 MHz, 118.8Hz CTCSS TZ/RX)     
              and DMR  on TG23529 (Brandmeister)
20:00  Wednesday Club Net    145.375 MHz FM