Local Frequencies & Repeaters

The club use and monitor the following frequencies and repeaters serving Bracknell and surrounding areas.

VHF ( 2-Metres)

Channel V30145.375 MHz (FM)Club Net and Calling Channel

Voice Repeaters (UHF 70cm)

GB3BNTx: 433.000 MHz (FM)Repeater
Rx: 434.600 MHz (FM)CTCSS 118.8 Hz

VHF Analogue/Digital Gateway (FM Simplex)

MB7IBKTx: 144.9625 MHz (FM)CTCSS 118.8 HzAnalogue Voice gateway to DMR Brandmeister TG23529
Rx: 144.9625 MHz (FM)CTCSS 118.8 Hz

VHF Digital Gateway (FM)

MB6BKTx: 144.800 MHzDigital Voice
Rx: 144.800 MHzDigital Voice
Colour Code: 3
Time Slot: 2Brandmeister TG: 23529, use TG9 for selected Brandmeister Reflector and TG8 for DMR+.

Digital Voice Repeater

GB7RTTx: 439.412500 MHz Digital Voice
Rx: 430.412500 MHzDigital Voice
Colour Code: 3
Time Slot: 1Brandmeister TG23529, TG235257 and TG9
Time Slot: 2DMR+ TG2350/Ref 4400 UK Wide, User Activated TGs & Reflectors