Electro-Magnetic Pulse – Les G8AMK

The evening of Weds 12th June saw our first meeting at our proposed new meeting location, The Brownlow Hall, Warfield, Berkshire. A little preparation was needed to choose the best projector location, seating and room layout, but the large reception area with access to the Kitchen gave us addition space to chat and catch-up with other members over a Tea or Coffee.

The car park and number of spaces made parking easy and access to the hall directly from the car park made carrying equipment into the hall easy.

It was good to see so much support from our members, with a total of 26 attending the meeting. It was also great to meet three new potential members that were able to join us.

Les G8AMK presented several short videos on the subject of Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) and the implications of an EMP on equipment, power distribution and communications infrastructure. Les demonstrated a detailed knowledge of EMP from his professional experience and explained some of the mathematics used to calculate the effects of an EMP if used as a weapon to disable a country or large area. There were lots of questions for Les following his presentation which we had to cut short due to the time.

Thanks to Les for his preparation and time taken to provide the club with a great presentation.