Long Wire Antenna Installation

A Wire, Trees and Chimney Pots
(Or how to string a wire to a swaying tree with lots of help from Friends.) by David Ferrington, M0XDF

How and When did this start.

  • Started at the club back in November 2003
  • Discussions lead to suggestions of the BIG tree.
  • Bill, G0NWB suggesting I use some form of counter weight to keep the wire taught.
  • Exploratory work by G3NCN Wire Services showed that the little tree was a better bet.
  • Then I got a tree climber to get the wire higher.

Empirical Measurements

  • Showed that tree could move approx. 2 metres
  • But normally only 1 metre – all the time
  • The tuner worked well, tuning 160m through to 6m ok.
  • RFI wasn’t noticed on 10W

What’s Next?

  • Move the Tuner to the Tree to try to stop RFI
  • Work on the wire length for better match
  • Put the doublet up
  • Use it more!

If you would like further information or have any questions about David’s (M0XDF) antenna installation, please email the Bracknell Amateur Radio Club or contact David M0XDF via the Club Groups.io Reflector.