Club Reflector

The Club Email List ‘Reflector’ is a group available to anyone that would like to follow the day-to-day activity of the club and its members.

Posts are ordered into ‘threads’ by their title and can be tagged to enable subject specific filtering and notifications. The reflector also holds a repository of useful documents, files and photographs submitted by the clubs members.

To join or visit our Email List Reflector ( click here,

You will then see a page offering the following options:

If you have already registered and have a user, select the Green button, where you will be able to login to using the email address you previously registered with.

If you are a new user and wish to register to join and our group Email List Reflector, click the Blue button, where you will then be prompted for your details. Alternatively, send a blank email to

Once registered and then authorised by the G4BRA administrator, you will be able to access the groups posts and resources by logging-in here

For further information on using please visit