Training for your Licence Exam

Based in Bracknell, Berkshire, the Club offers training advice, support, practical assessments and examination sittings for all levels of the Amateur Radio Licence Examinations. There are currently three levels of UK Amateur Radio Licence, each level allowing increased use of the frequency bands, transmission modes and power levels.

  • Foundation
  • Intermediate
  • Full

The syllabus, learning material and all content required for each level of the examinations is provided by the following publications.

Learning and Studying with us

Learning the material necessary for the examinations can be performed directly from the Licence Manual publications. To aid and support students studying the material, BARC offers group based and one-to-one support in all areas of the subject and provide the pre-exam practical experience and assessments that must be completed before taking the written exam.

Taking the exam

BARC are registered and approved as a RSGB Exam Centre and hold the controlled exam session for your licence examintaion in the Bracknell area.

If you are interested in taking up the hobby and would like to study and take your exam with us,  please get in touch via our Contact Form or come along to one of our Monthly Meetings.

Mock Exams

You can try a ‘Mock’ exam paper to help you prepare for the exam level you are taking at any time by downloading them from the RSGB Website.

Syllabus Help and Support

Already studying and need tutorial support and help, or have a question about a topic from the syllabus?

Contact Training

Applying for your Licence Exam

Are you ready to take the Foundation, Intermediate or full exam?
Contact David Ferrington (M0XDF)

Further Information

Further information about the Amateur Radio Licences can be found on the RSGB site.
Additional resources for Students and Trainers are available via the RSGB here.