Antenna Circus – Steve G4AUC

If you have ever read an article on Radio Antenna’ you will have learnt about gain, radiation patterns and polarisation. For our May meeting, Steve G4AUC (BARC Chairman) treated us to his practical ‘Antenna Circus’ presentation.

Starting with the humble Dipole, using self designed and built 23cm antennas, together with an RF generator and detector, also self built and programmed, Steve demonstrated the antennas properties and characteristics.

By adding a simple, but calculated length ‘Reflector’ to the dipole the benefits in gain and direction could easily been displayed on Steve’s LED signal level display. With careful positioning and also the use of a ‘Director’ the gain could be further increased, with the antenna now effectively a Yagi-Uda.

Steve then progressed to Folded Dipoles, Cubical Quads and a Circular Polarised Antenna, demonstrating the differences and advantages of each antenna design.

The high level of planning, construction and preparation for the demonstration was clear to see. Ian G0FCT was unable to attend but had worked closely with Steve for the demonstration.

For anyone that missed the presentation, Steve has kindly allowed us to post a video of his previous Antenna Circus presentation, presented together with Graham G4DDN (SK) on YouTube. Click HERE to view the video.

Thank you to Steve G4AUC and Ian G0FCT for all their hard work in preparing the demonstrations for us and also to all those that helped set-up and tidy-up at the meeting.