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This page contains links to various Amateur Radio retailers. Please contact the author, David Ferrington, M0XDF, if you find any problems with links, wish to add move links or change content.

UK Comercial Retailers (non-specialist)

ML & S Martin Lynch & SonShop is in Stains, Martin is a Ham and DX’er. They also run Radio courses.
Yaesu main dealer. Messi & Paoloni (Ultraflex coax) main dealer.
Waters & StantonMajor UK dealer, seem fair, claim to be “Europe’s Ham Store”.
Elecraft UK dealer
MoonrakerAnyTone dealer (perhaps the only one).
Author and other BARC members are not keen.
Nevada Radio – PL259Good for PL259 etc. Walters & Stanton, InnoVantennas and Trident are part of this group.
W.H. Westlake ElectronicsVery good, one-man-band type shop for cables and connectors. Owner is a good guy, doesn’t rip you off and has a lot of knowledge on his stock, very good connectors etc. Catalogue is really just a list, but he has a lot. You can purchase by supplying you item list in PayPal comments. Look at the sub-menu on the RHS, click Price Lists to see stock.
He has an eBay shop (8352williamw), but doesn’t appear to have any items for sale there.
Also has a cable loss calculator.
The DX ShopAntennas, Linear Amplifiers, Coaxial Cables, Connectors, Valves and Accessories. Coax relays, masthead pre-amps.
Rocket RadioMostly some unknown handhelds, lots of antenna types, looks at bit Prepper!
ESR Electronic Components LtdMany electronic components, educational and Maker kits etc.
Snowdonia Radio CompanyHave stealth Flag-Pole multi-band antennas.
Lease Snowdonia holiday cottages too!
RapidRapid are a bit like Farnell, but can be cheaper, i.e. Rotator cable
UK Commercial Retailers

UK Specialist / Individual Suppliers

LinearAmpManufactures of Linear Power Amps – very good, purchase from The DX Shop
QSL CardsAll manor of printed QSL cards.
RFIDRFID Equipment – RFID Tags, Readers, Antennas, Software from”
PELISpecialist Waterprofof cases
MOCAPManufacturer of Quality Plastic and Rubber Products
Torberry ConnectorsMany different types of power connectors etc. Especially Anderson Power Poles and 12v Batteries etc.
WiresMany different wires and cables, including a handy AWG – SWG conversion table at
RFcandy ShopLots of kits and components.
Diode CommunicationsPL259 for 7mm coax
RF Parts CompanyIn the US, $ prices
Aerial-Parts of ColchesterLots of fittings etc. for making antennas, this includes aluminium etc.
Crimp TerminalsProbably the UK’s largest stockiest of crimp terminals
SotaBeamsAll manor of kit for portable operations.
And a few other interesting products:
Liquid Tape
BNC to twisted pair adapters (good for temp dipole)
RG174 BNC Crimp Sockets
Bifilar Wire
FLASteelwork specialists supplying the telecommunications and industrial sectors.
AF4K CrystalsCrystals for Hams & Hobbyists
UK Specialist / Individual Suppliers