Bring & Show Evening – 12 Feb 2020

Each year the Club holds a ‘Bring & Show’ evening where members are asked to bring in an item of interest and give us a demonstration and description of the item.

This years meeting was well attended and it was good to meet so many new faces (and hopefully potential members) at the event. There were some great items on show and due to the high level of interest the meeting ran on much longer than our regular meets.

Here are some photos and brief descriptions of some of the items on display.

Jacqui G6XSY, the RSGB Trophy Manager brought in two lovely trophies.

  • The Foundation Shield, awarded to the leading Foundation licencee in the 144MHz UK Activity Contest. This is a series of VHF contests run by the RSGB. It takes place on the first Tuesday evening of the month throughout the year.
  • The Braaten Trophy, awarded to the leading G station in the ARRL DX CW contest. Arthur Braaton W2BSR introduced into amateur radio the “Braaten Code”.  This is the RST code we use today and has remained almost unchanged since October 1934. This trophy is solid Silver!

Graham G4DDN demonstrated his very capable ICOM IC-9700 and explained some of the features (and quirks) of this great 23cm / 70cm / 2m Transceiver.

Steve G4AUC, our Club Chair, brought in his current project, an Arduino processor based Morse Memory Keyer. Once complete this device will allow morse messages to be recorded, stored in memory and played back on demand. Apologies to Steve, my only photo of his project was completely blurred 🙁

John G8PJC, our Club Trainer, displayed and discussed his DIY 2m Mag-Loop Antenna that several of the Club have borrowed and achieved good results with. Apologies also to John, as I do not have a photo from the evening.

Martin M3XBZ, currently studying for his Intermediate License Exam, brought in some very well designed and constructed Exam Practical pieces to demonstrate. Between them these provide the functionality to demonstrate the VFO Calibration, Frequency Stability / Instability demo and Transistor Gain demo for the intermediate practicals.

The Bring & Show again proved to be a popular evening and it was good to see the interesting projects some of our members have been working on.