June 2021 Meetup – It’s good to be back

On Wednesday 30th June, Bracknell Amateur Radio Club members held their first monthly meeting in over a year. It was really good to see everyone and also great to meet some of our new members for the first time in-person. The meetup was held at the Summerhouse/Shelter in Lilly Hill Park and thankfully the weather was kind to us and it was a lovely evening.

It was great to see such a large attendance and that many members had brought along Handhelds on 2m, 4m and 70cm. There were also a selection of homemade antennas to see and Ray M7RWJ set-up his 4m Coax Antenna on a short pole in the adjacent field. A strong and clear 4m QSO was held with Brett 2E0HFW who was to the north of Reading.

Members also brought along packed lunches and drinks and enjoyed the fine weather for the evening.

Here is a small gallery of photos from the evening, including photos of the following members:

  • M7TED Steve
  • M7RWJ Ray
  • 2E0XBZ Martin
  • G4DDN Graham
  • M0XDF David
  • 2E0FUG Roy
  • G3YMC Dave
  • G4KFK Mike
  • G3ZWP Richard
  • G4AUC Steve
  • M7TBF Francesco
  • M7YBZ Ian
  • M7GRB Gareth
  • 2E0XDA. Colin

Thanks to everyone that came along and thanks to Brett 2E0HFM for joining in the QSOs.