Morse Code Decoder & Keyer Development – Steve G4AUC

Follwing a short notice cancellation the presentation subject for our May Meeting was changed from the publised subject. Luckily, Steve G4AUC our Club Chairman was able to step in and quickly complete his Morse Code Decoder and Keyer construction and development to a level suitable for demonstration.

Steve has been developing his projects for a year or so now, based on Arduino processors and some readily available kits, together with some homebrew construction and C coding to enhance the capabilities. The main project is the morse code decoder, that when demonstrated quickly locked on to CW transmissions , automatically setting its WPM speed to the incoming morse speed and displaying the output on the LCD Screen. Steve has also developed a complimentary Morse Keyer, allowing entry and control from a standard ‘Bluetooth’ keyboard with the ability to send pre-set messages and repsonses.

Steve had also built a Beacon to enable easy testing of the decoder.

It was good to see such a packed meeting room with the room almost full to capacity, confirming the interest in Steve’s project. There was also a large selection of components and radio related hardware availble for attendees to browse through and take for a small donation towards the club.

Thank you to Steve Baugh G4AUC for stepping in so quickly and for an interesting and fun evening.