September 2021 Meeting – G3YMC – Near Field EMC Analysis

Now that in-person meetings can at last be reliably planned and arranged, our September meeting was an opportunity for members to get together and catch-up with each others radio interests and projects.

To start our new schedule of monthly meetings, Dave G3YMC presented his understanding of the new OFCOM EMC requirements and an analysis of the calculated EMC Near and Far Field levels of his 20m long-wire and HF vertical antennas.

With the requirement for radio amateurs to calculate their EMC levels for a November 2021 deadline this is a subject important to all to all of us, so it was good to see how well attended the event was.

Dave explained some of the important parameters to keep in mind when calculating the EMC levels for our own set-ups and also performed some real-time calculations, modifying them to show the effect of changes to your setup.

The slides from Dave’s presentation are available for download from our reflector HERE.

Starting at this meeting and becoming a regular item at future meetings was our Equipment Swap and Table-Top sales table. With so many items donated by our members we had to find a larger table!

David M0XDF also set-up a table of equipment for sale on behalf of a recent silent key.

Thank you to Dave G3YMC and to all that attended, making this an interesting, informative and social event.