HF Operating by Dave G3YMC

Honorary BARC Club Member Dave G3YMC is an established operator on the HF Bands and is also a dedicated CW operator, taking part in major CW contests and special events.

For our April Monthly Meeting Dave presented a talk on how best to use the range of frequencies available within the HF bands, the benefits of one band over another, the propagation types affecting the bands and advised the best band to choose dependant on the time of year and time of day.

Dave’s presentation is available to view in full on our YouTube Channel by clicking the image below:

The full set of slides used for the presentation are also available for viewing or download in .pdf format HERE

Thanks to Dave for a very useful presentation, full of advice and information for both experienced operators and those new to the HF bands.

Thanks to Steve M7TED for filming, editing and producing this excellent video.