Restoring a KW Vanguard AM Transmitter by Martin 2E0XBZ

Club Member Martin 2E0XBZ has been working on the restoration of a KW Vanguard AM Transmitter that he bought recently with the aim to renovate and restore the radio to full working order. The KW Vanguard is a popular radio with Valve Transmitter enthusiasts and has a large and dedicated following.

Now that the restoration is complete, for our March meeting, Martin offered to give us a presentation on the work, changes and testing performed during his restoration of the set and some background information and history of Valve and AM Transmitter Design.

Martin’s presentation is available to view in full on our YouTube Channel by clicking the image below:

The full set of slides used for the presentation are also available for viewing or download in .pdf format HERE.

Thanks to Martin for an informative and interesting presentation and also for the chance to see the skilled work involved in restoring High Voltage, High Powered Valve equipment.

Thanks also to Steve M7TED for filming, editing and producing this excellent video.