Using Motorola Radios for Amateur Radio – Mike G4KFK

Mike G4KFK has an extensive knowledge on Motorola Mobile and Handheld Radios and has adapted many of them for use in Amateur Radio. Over the years Mike has collected a range of Motorola hardware, including most of the GM Analogue VHF / UHF Range and their associated Power Supplies and Repeater Cabinets.

Looking at the design and internals of some of the radios it is clear to see that they are very well built and designed to provide reliable service. Mike also displayed some screens from the programming software, that although not particularly user-friendly by current standards, allows detailed features of the radio to be configured.

Thanks to Mike G4KFK for another useful and interesting presentation. Thanks to Steve M7TED for videoing and editing the presentation which you can watch below:

Prior to Mike’s presentation the Club also held a Silent Key Sale of some of Graham G4DDN’s equipment. The funds being contributed to the Club and MND Charity.